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How Rubberband Nation works

  1. Order our bracelet below for only CAD$6.00 and we will mail it to you. Available to anyone in Canada and USA.
  2. After you purchase the bracelet, you will receive an email receipt and a customer number. Use your customer number to refer other customers to our website and you will receive CAD$1.00 for every customer you refer. Check out our referral program page for more information.
  3. We will enter your customer number into a contest draw for every 60,000 bracelets sold.

For every bracelet sold, we are donating CAD$1.00 to the Canadian Red Cross.

1. Order Our Bracelet

Shipping and HST included.

2. Refer friends

CAD$1.00 for every person you refer paid out once a month.

3. Win prizes

For every 60,000 bracelets sold, we will have a draw for a new car or CAD$25,000 cash.


Price per bracelet


Donated for every bracelet sold

A few more things to know…

  • Every 6 month, we sponsor a new cause.
  • In order to refer or win prizes, you must have ordered a bracelet for our current sponsor.
  • When you order your bracelet, you will have the option to be a repeat customer for the next sponsor. All repeat customers will keep their current customer number and you will be paid out again for every one of your repeat referrals. We will send you an email request for the CAD$6.00 when the new sponsor starts, but you are not obligated to rejoin.


CAD$6.00 includes shipping and HST. We accept VISA, MASTERCARD and PAYPAL.

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